In the Middle - Health and Nutrition for the Middle Years!

  • Healthy Aging Tips: Benefits of Hydration Whether You are 5 or 95!

    Experts believe that many individuals are walking around in a dehydrated state every day, and this contributes to an unhealthy body.  Think drinking enough water isn’t important?  Think again! 
  • Healthy Aging Tips: Why You Need Micronutrients for Healthy Skin!

    This blog post is the first in a series of weekly tips on healthy aging (as opposed to anti-aging).  Let's face it, we are all aging, but the key i...
  • 5 Tips for Creating Balance in your Life

    Life balance is about knowing when to give a little more effort, when it's time to pull back and when to make an overhaul, so that everything can feel just right. 
  • The Modern Rules of Clean Eating

    Clean eating is a modern term for a long-standing movement.  Many people believe that purifying the way we eat enhances our health and energy levels.

  • Eating Healthy During Menopause - What you Need to Know!

    Menopause is a natural part of life, but it can have unwanted consequences. Fortunately, many of these symptoms can be controlled through simple changes to your diet. 
  • 4 Amazing Detox Waters to Nourish Your Skin

    Water is one of the best things for your skin, especially when you add more nutrients to it. This is where infusing water with fruits, vegetables, and herbs comes in.
  • Can Nutrition Help Slow Down the Aging Process?

    The short answer is of course! We all age. That fact is inevitable.  But a lot of the negative changes that take place in our bodies are not. As we...
  • Apples - Crunch Your Way to Healthy Nutrition

    There's no easier way to add a dose of nutrition to your day than by crunching on a tasty apple! You probably first experienced its delightful flav...
  • About Omega 3 Fish oils

    Question: What’s all the fuss about Omega 3 fish oils? What do they do for my body?
  • 10 Ways to Get More Antioxidants Into Your Diet

    Our immune system needs all the help it can get!  Not only will the right supplements assist in immune support, but also eating a diet rich in antioxidants.  Here are 10 steps to getting more antioxidants into your diet. 

  • Support Your Immune System with These Amazing Vitamins

    When we are deficient in any vitamin we are putting our bodies under stress. Our bodies need some of every vitamin to function properly.
  • Stress and Your Immune System - What's the Deal?

    Stress ages us and depletes the important nutrients our bodies require for optimal health.  Eating the right foods can go a long way to help your body deal with stress.